Dog walking

Whatever the weather…


A walked dog is a happy dog.


Dogs not only need exercise, they absolutely love it as well! Apart from keeping them fit and healthy, exercise provides the essential mental and physical stimulation for a happy hound. Many undesirable habits such as excessive barking and chewing, are simply your dog expressing its pent up energy or frustrated feelings.

Whatever the weather, I offer regular or occasional walks for your dog. (In the case of extreme snow, walks may be cancelled or delayed, but if I can get there I will)!


Your dog(s) will be collected from your home and driven to a walk, the destinations will vary to continually provide stimulation and exploration, and then returned to your home after their walk and will be left dry and comfortable. I have a spacious van which is caged and secure and fully insured to transport your pets.

Dogs are walked in groups, this is good socialisation for your dog. However if you prefer to have your dog walked individually please ask.


According to the RSPCA, dogs shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours at a time. So if you’re at work, or away for the day, this could be a useful service for yourself and means your dog isn't left alone for too long during the day.



Lasting up to 1 hour  £13 for one dog*.

One Man and Your Dog will make sure your dog(s) enjoys a good walk.

I can either walk your dog around their local area or I can pick your dog(s) up in my safe and secure, specially modified transport with spacious cages, towels and fresh water and take them to a lovely park close to your home.

After their walk I will bring your dog(s) home and leave them securely with fresh water, towel dried and tired out!  After all a tired dog is a happy dog!

*Additional dogs from the same household are charged at a discounted rate; please contact One Man and Your Dog for more information.